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Soap Dispenser

The Automatic Touchless Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is suitable to be used with any liquid hand soap, lotions or liquid hand sanitizers. The sleek LED Panel allows you to adjust the right amount of soap or hand sanitizer liquid to be dispensed. The built-in infrared motion and sensor detector ensures the soap dispenses precisely and its functions can be controlled by the power button on the LED Display Panel. This beautifully designed hand soap dispenser is made from durable, recyclable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material.



It is heat resistant, tough and rigid 

A rubber seal on the bottom allows the hand-free dispenser to stand securely with no slips

It can be mounted on the wall

Dimensions: 7.6 (L) x 12.7 (W) x 20.3 (H) cm; 376.5 grams 

It holds a capacity of 350 ml (12 oz.)

Powered by 3 AA batteries 

Leak-proof and Waterproof to prevent liquids or water from corroding any internal circuit boards



Unit of Measure One per box


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